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The License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at the entrance to Pringle Bay are critical for identifying and tracking vehicles or individuals involved in criminal activities in our area. 


The primary purpose of the Security Cameras Fund is to support the upkeep of the License Plate Recognition (LPR) and the surveillance cameras at the entrance to Pringle Bay. This system is linked to the National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud(NAVICTM) system which is widely used by all law enforcement agencies countrywide. It is a critical tool for identifying and tracking vehicles or individuals involved in criminal activities in our area. Data captured by these cameras have been proven to be extremely valuable on a number of occasions.
System upgrades, software licenses and occasionally hardware replacement need to be funded and this is made possible by donations from the Pringle Bay community. In the longer term, alternate or additional security surveillance systems may be explored and implemented. 


The PBRA and the Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW) have embarked on an initiative to investigate, identify, and implement an effective solution for improving the safety and security of the town and the community. The goal is to implement more sophisticated camera technology to reduce, and as far as possible, eliminate criminal activity in our environment. This is a long term project which will most likely be rolled out in several phases.
A public meeting was held on the 9th November 2019 where the workgroup shared progress and invited participation and comment from the community. The documents below contain the Agenda and Presentation, and the Questions and Answers.

Since then, we have prepared and issued Tender Documentation to a number of prominent industry role players.  We have invited proposals and cost estimates.  Based on the responses we were able to determine a phased implementation and have subsequently asked for quotes to commence with Phase 1 of the proposed solution.  We have entered into discussions with Overstrand Municipality to consider contributing towards the implementation of Phase 1.  

We actively participate in the Overstrand Public Safety Forum (OPSF), the Hangklip – Kleinmond Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Kleinmond Police Joint Operations Committee (JOCOM).  We are actively supporting and receiving support from neighbouring Neighbourhood- and Street Watches.



If you would like to donate towards the Security Fund, an EFT payment can be made using the banking details below. Please include your PLOT/ERF number and "Security" in the banking reference.​


Banking Details:
Nedbank Ltd
Savings Account Nr. 2315001714
Kleinmond Branch Nr. 131505
Universal EFT 198765


For more information, or if you would like to join the team driving this initiative, Contact Us

Join The Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW)

PBSW is a formal, not-for-profit organisation that works towards creating a safe and secure environment for everybody in our community. Membership is free and open to property owners and legal tenants. You can participate in the following way:


  1. Eyes & Ears

  2. Sector head/coordinator

  3. Street coordinator

  4. Patrol (availability based on roster)

  5. Respond to emergency calls (Day)

  6. Respond to emergency calls (Night)

  7. Victim empowerment (victim support/trauma support/court support)

  8. Election to committee (chair-vicechair-secretary-treasurer etc.)

  9. Administration and developing of operating procedures or any other related skills


To find out more visit their website at: