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The PBRA keeps in regular communication with the Overstrand Municipality and with our local municipal officials regarding essential community services. These include baboon management, water, roads, storm water infrastructure, waste and public facilities. Over the years we’ve built good relationships which we believe are mutually beneficial. Our intent is to work with the municipality, not against them, while still holding them accountable for the services which they are obligated to provide. This is one of the highest priorities of the association.


We attend the monthly Ward Committee meetings where we table our issues, and we deal directly with specific municipal authorities to escalate actions or follow up.


We also make use of our December AGM platform to invite the Overstrand Executive Mayor to address the community and to take questions from the floor. All commitments are noted and followed up on.

Please be aware that every ratepayer has the right and the responsibility to lodge a specific complaint that he/she may have, directly with the municipality. Describe the issue and ensure that you receive a reference number. If no-one comes back to you with a satisfactory response, forward the details to and we will follow up. It is not possible for the PBRA to be the conduit for all municipal complaints but we can and will escalate if they are not being responsive.


You can reach the Kleinmond Municipality at 028 271 8400.


The condition of our roads is always a hot topic, with some residents completely satisfied with the existing roads, and others looking for improvements and more tarred roads. The municipality conducts ongoing road repairs and maintenance, with some roads requiring recurring attention.

PBRA Gravel Road Survey


To this end the PBRA decided to assist the municipality by undertaking a thorough survey of the condition of our gravel roads, covering various aspects, for example - safety, dust pollution and storm water drainage. Using a data capturing tool and supporting methodology, and with the assistance of Pringle Bay Street Watch sector heads, we now have a comprehensive report which clearly shows the state of our roads and identifies which roads require rehabilitation.


This extensive report has been provided to the relevant Ward Councillor and to the Municipal Area Manager to assist with the department’s planning and prioritization efforts. We intend to maintain the currency of our survey data and to provide the report to the municipality on a quarterly basis, and to regularly follow up via our Ward committee meetings.