To donate to any of the following funds, an EFT payment can be made using the banking details below.


Please include your PLOT/ERF number and FUND i.e "Baboon" or "Fire" in the banking reference.​

Banking Details


Nedbank Ltd
Savings Account Nr. 2315001714

Kleinmond Branch Nr. 131505

Universal EFT 198765

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Without the financial support of the community, the initiatives below would not be possible. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


Pringle Bay Baboon

Baboon Monitoring Fund​​​


The monitors aim to keep the baboon troop in the nature reserve and out of the village. The alpha male and female have been collared to track their movement, thereby enhancing our monitoring capability. We receive no funding from the authorities and are entirely dependent on the generosity of residents and visitors to operate the monitoring programme.

Oystercatcher family on Pringle Bay beach

Conservation Fund


The PRBA plays an important role in conservation in the Hangklip area, and contributions to the conservation fund are used to help run various different projects. These projects include the purchasing and management of a camera trap to assist Cape Leopard Trust in their research, providing and maintaining signage around the village and beach aimed at preserving our wildlife and environment, as well as contributing to the equipment of the Pringle Bay Hacking group. Community support is crucial in making these projects happen.

Beach dune rehabilitation in progress

Beach Rehabilitation Fund​


The Beach Rehabilitation Fund goes towards maintaining the pathways and replacing the broken ropes which guide the paths. Funds are needed to implement the second phase of the Beach Maintenance Management Plan.

Pringle Bay Volunteer Firefighters Logo

Pringle Bay Firefighters Fund​


The fund goes towards any equipment which our Volunteer Firefighters' team may need. Currently, there is a drive to acquire a second 4X4 quick response firefighting truck so that a back-up vehicle is always available for fire or other emergencies. 

Emergency medical technician logo

Medical Emergency Fund​

The Community Medics provide an invaluable service to the community as first responders for medical emergencies. The fund was created to facilitate public donations to cover their expenses and to upgrade or buy new equipment. They supply free emergency medical support to the Pringle Bay community, as well as to Betty’s Bay and Rooi Els.

Security surveillance sign

Security Cameras Fund​


The Security Cameras fund is used for the following expenses regarding the security of the village: Upgrading of the LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras and replacing the Infrared lights. Software system upgrades and any additional maintenance to the cameras.

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