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The Community Medics Fund exists to facilitate public donations for equipment, PPE and training for the volunteers residing in our village. 


The Team provides an invaluable service to the Pringle Bay community in the form of emergency medical support and monitoring of a patient whilst waiting for an ambulance.

The responders are volunteers and do not receive reimbursement for their services.


It takes about 40 minutes for an ambulance to reach Pringle Bay. In the event of a life-threatening and acute medical emergency, Residents are encouraged to call an ambulance

by dialling  084 124 or 10177

For interim medical assistance, while waiting for the ambulance, the Team can be reached on 082 232 8048.

Examples of an Acute Medical Emergency include:

  • strokes/heart attacks

  • falls

  • anaphylaxis

  • road traffic accidents

  • severe, life-threatening bleeding, among others.

This is not an after-hours number for general practitioners in the area. Please do not contact the emergency number for sutures, injections, mental health support, death certification, Covid testing or Ivermectin, as these are not life- threatening emergencies.​

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Led by trained, HPCSA-registered paramedic Coleen Johnson, the Team has partnered with ER24, who provide 24-hour access to professional care.  Coleen trained as a firefighter and intermediate life support medic in 2000, and worked as a full time firefighter for the City of Cape Town until 2008 when she became a medical rep and settled down to raise her young family.  Coleen returned to work on ambulances in 2015, prior to moving to Pringle Bay, and is passionate about emergency medical care and serving the community.


Anneke Steyn studied journalism at Potchefstroom University and worked as a crime reporter for 5 years at the Beeld Newspaper.  She also spent time in the UK as a property manager before moving to Pringle Bay to start her own business.


Local business owner Kim Melrose started training as a nurse in 1987, before settling down to raise a family.  She returned to work as a receptionist for specialist doctors’ rooms until 2005, and then joined her husband to manage a family business, moving to Pringle Bay in 2018.


Heather Morkel, qualified personal fitness trainer, grew up in Somerset West and has spent most of her working life in the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry.

Pringle Bay Acute Medics

From left to right : Anneke, Heather, Kim and Coleen

Acute Medical Emergency Number for Pringle Bay Medics