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What is the Baboon Action Group?


We are a volunteer group that promotes education, raises funds, manages the monitoring process, improves waste management and conducts research on the local troop.


Our Mission

To encourage and promote the harmonious coexistence of local baboon troops with the residents, business operators and visitors of Pringle Bay; through research-based knowledge, natural feeding practices, and interventions that are environmentally and conservation-friendly.




The monitors aim to keep the baboon troop on the mountain and out of the village. They are identifiable by their fluorescent vests and identity cards. The monitor programme provides job opportunities for the local community.


The alpha male and female have been collared to track their movement, thereby enhancing our monitoring capability.



Pringle Bay Baboon Alert Group Telegram

Baboon Alerts Telegram Group


Join the Baboon Alerts Telegram group to receive and share information on the troop’s whereabouts, alerting you to secure your home and to enable the monitors to respond promptly.


To join email with your name, cellphone number and ERF/Plot number.


Pringle Bay Baboons WhatsApp


There is always a need for questions and discussions, so in order to keep the Baboon Alerts WA group ONLY for alerts, we created the Pringle Bay Baboons WhatsApp group. Here we post photos, discuss, ask questions, and give advice on the baboons.

Pringle Bay Baboons Facebook Group

Facebook Group

For all things related to our Pringle Bay baboon troop and baboons in general, this is the group to join. We share information regarding baboon-proof bins, baboon-proofing your home and interesting facts on baboons. We encourage members to share photos and videos of the baboons.


To join click on this link: Pringle Bay Baboons Facebook group.


Pringle Bay Baboons Volunteers

Become a Volunteer​


From time to time we need extra volunteers to help with events, children's education and distribution of our baboon flyers. If you are interested to assist, please get in touch.


Organising fundraising events for the monitors is another way to volunteer. 

BAG Members


Mike Meyer 

Dave Muirhead

Etienne de Villiers

Cornelia Stoop

Taffy Roberts

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