The Pringle Bay Ratepayers’ Association (PBRA) was started in the late 1960s by the first residents of Pringle Bay to represent the interests of ratepayers and residents. Today it is a registered Non-profit, Public Benefit Organisation.

Our primary functions are to liaise with the Overstrand Municipality, with whom we enjoy a close relationship and to support local environmental conservation. We represent the community on the local Ward Committee and other consultative bodies. We maintain close contact with local authorities and service providers, particularly on matters affecting ratepayers and residents.

We promote and co-ordinate the development of local volunteer structures and initiatives which benefit the community, e.g. Volunteer Fire Services, Hack Group, camera-based Security, Emergency Medics, Baboon Monitoring, Beach Protection. We periodically conduct fundraising activities to support specific needs.

We collaborate with our Pringle Bay Street Watch on issues of a security nature, and we maintain ongoing communication with our local business community.

We initiate, manage and co-ordinate the development and use of public infrastructure, e.g. the Community Hall and the Fire Station.

We play a significant and influential role in development and environmental conservation in the Hangklip area. We strive to preserve and communicate the traditional values of our urban conservancy, the values that differentiate and attract people to Pringle Bay. We achieve this through education and ongoing communication.

Our primary communication to members consists of a monthly Pringle Messenger which is distributed via email. The messenger contains updates on the current and most important topics affecting the community.

Pringle Bay Ratepayers' Assocation logo

We publish The Pringle Post a couple of times a year in magazine format. It consists of interesting articles written by community members on a variety of topics, e.g. nature, history of the area, and local characters.

The Executive Committee consists of 6 to 10 members elected by the community, who then elect the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer at the first meeting of the year. Half the sitting members are required to retire annually, but may stand for re-election at the AGM. The committee may co-opt additional members on a project or portfolio basis. We are always on the lookout for people who have a passion for Pringle Bay and want to give of their time and energy for the betterment of our community.

The Annual General Meeting takes place in December, which is open to all, members and non-members alike.

Our Constitution sets out our governance structures and procedures, as well as the rights and duties of the PBRA and its members and officebearers.




Elmarie Strydom

Tel: 028 273 8280

Cell: 083 460 3694



Vice Chair/Security

Bertie Vorster

Cell: 082 593 1575



Heather Morkel

Cell: 082 871 6915



Mike Meyer

Tel: 028 273 8051

Cell: 076 784 0264




David Lees-Rolfe
Cell: 082 654 5495


Pieter Janse van Rensburg (Co-opted / Hangklip Conservancy representative)
Cell: 071 320 3358



Clayton Francis

Cell: 072 129 9788


Development / SRA
Vic Prins
Cell: 082 070 3658



Ilse Meyer

Cell: 0767878732



Community Hall

Jacques Ractliffe

​Cell: 079 038 3916


The Pringle Post

James Burns

Cell: 071 430 9779



Everyone is invited to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the PBRA which will be held on 19 December 2019 at 16h00. Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in any PBRA voting process.

Please note that the previous year’s minutes and the annual reports will be taken as read at the AGM. We therefore ask that you pre-read the information in the documents below, especially the annual report which provides feedback from the committee on achievements during the past year.